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Growing up, we spent years helping our parents decorate the house. Our mom had had all of her cute decorations and that was fine for us until one fateful year. While trick or treating In 1992 we came across a house that had a hallway made out of black plastic that went up to the front door. We went in and were exposed to our first fog machine and strobe light. To the right was a "static ghost."  Walking up to the door and knocking it slowly opened, a man appeared saying in very deep voice "WHAT DO YOU WANT!" He gave of Candy and slammed the door. As we are about the ghost came to life! It scared us out to the sidewalk and we cried. We were hooked!

                We were bitten by the bug. We had never experienced anything like it. Starting Halloween 1996, we would lay on our walkway and pretend to be a prop and scare anyone and everyone that walked up. After a few hours of scaring we would walk around the corner to see Mr. Fields haunted house. The one that started it all.

                Fast forward to the year 2000. We are in the 5th grade and getting tired of just laying on the porch scaring people. We wanted to have a walk through haunt. We got together with our friend Natalie and planed a haunt at her house. A strobe light and black light lit the scene. Black plastic for the walls. A cardboard box with a hole cut out of it for a head to fit through. We put an actor inside the box and he was our grand finale.

                In 2001 we decided to do the same plan as the previous but at a different location. The only difference was an added fog machine, a few tombstones and an extra black light. For Halloween 2002 we got the chance to help out our Boy Scout Troop at a backyard walk-though haunt that charged 7 dollars to get in. This was the first taste we got of the type of haunt we would eventually strive for. A haunt complete with props, animatronics, actors, lighting, sound, and scares.

                2003 hits and we are 8th graders. We pulled out all the stops (or as many as we could). We had a crew of 15 to help build scare, and turn our parents backyard into a house of horror. Armed this time with PVC pipe, several rolls of black plastic, 2 strobe lights, 2 fog machines, and 4 black lights, we went to work. For a group of 8th graders, it went pretty well. We had around 300 people come through and they were all very impressed.

                After the success of the 2003 haunt we were devastated when our parents said we could no longer do a haunt in the backyard. To make matters worse nobody else involved would donate their house to the cause. For the years 2004-2007, we did small yard. Real life kicked in, we both got jobs and were busy in high school.

                The year 2008 showed us two 20 year old bachelors with a Haunt bottled inside. Our return to haunting was a huge explosion of creativity and forgotten passion. We had a huge success with this haunt, with over 600 people coming through. The haunt's name was Night terrors, featuring a clown room, butcher room, spider room, electric room, and graveyard. As well as 9 actors.

                Back in business, for 2009. We planned, to completely out do ourselves with walls made out of wood instead of plastic, more rooms, and over double the actors, and a definite theme; The Final Resting Place 902 people came through that haunt.

                2010 came and went with 1400 people coming through our haunt The Hyde Street Massacre. Finding a theme and a back story to stick with for years to come we set our sights on bigger locations scarier scares and hopefully one day the ability to do this professionally.

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